EMF 5G Protection Quantum Scalar Pendant Necklace


Neutralize the negative effects of Electromagnetic Radiation 

"I'm really glad I made the decision to try out this pendant. In just a week, my sleep has improved and my back pain has been reduced! I feel fantastic!"  - Francis B, New Jersey  

EMF radiation is everywhere and it's not going away. While shopping, traveling, staying in your home, office, or school, you will encounter  EMF radiation emitted by many sources – from your cell phone, laptop, TV,  microwave, WiFi routers, and other countless electronic devices. While there is still some debate about the long-term health effects of EMF exposure, it can't hurt to take precautions to protect yourself.

One of the best ways that we can shield ourselves from EMF exposure is by wearing EMF protection products.  Our advanced bio-energetic technology creates specific vibrational frequencies, which helps neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation while supporting the body against EMF!    


✅ NEUTRALIZES EMF RADIATION.  The EMF 5G Protection Quantum Scalar Dog Tag Pendant Necklace helps protect the body against electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation by neutralizing its harmful effect at the atomic level. It is suitable for anyone who wants to protect themselves against the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

 SUPERIOR QUALITY. The EMF Protection necklace is made with the highest quality materials and is handcrafted to perfection. It helps protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and negative energy.   

✅ SCRATCH-FREE AND WATER-RESISTANT. A radiation shield pendant made of stainless steel is perfect for daily wear or travel! You can wear this necklace all day long without worrying about unsightly scratches on the pendant! 

✅ SUITABLE FOR ALL  AGES. This EMF 5G Protection Quantum Scalar Dog Tag Pendant Necklace can be worn by children and adults. This simple yet powerful device offers you protection wherever you are - at work, home, or traveling.

✅ WITH A 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. To help you decide if this EMF Protection accessory is right for you, we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not completely satisfied with the product, simply return it within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.   


How does it work?

Our advanced bio-energetic technology works on two levels:

➡️ Neutralizes the harmful energetic frequencies from EMF radiation

➡️ Provides support to your body to better handle EMF exposure

The Quantum Scalar Technology in our products creates specific vibrational frequencies that harmonize the frequencies found in EMF radiation, neutralizing it at the quantum level while supporting your body against the negative effects of EMF.

What are the benefits of the EMF Protection Necklace? 

By wearing this harmonizing pendant, you are less susceptible to the effects of EMF radiation that is in our environment. This allows your body to achieve homeostasis, which has numerous benefits including:






Why choose Quantum Scalar Technology products?

The 5G Protection necklace can be worn as an everyday accessory and doubles as a powerful,  neutralizer against the damaging effects of electromagnetic fields. It makes a great gift for friends or family members who are concerned about the effects of EMF radiation. Order your EMF Protection Pendant Necklace today!

Product Details

Technology:  Quantum Scalar Technology

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 17-21 g

Chain Width: 2 mm

Length: 18-30 inches

Pendant Size: 40mm x 22mm

Package includes

1 EMF 5G Protection Quantum Scalar Dog Tag Pendant Necklace

For doubles - includes 1 chain for each color ( 2 chains total) 


Frequently asked questions

This EMF protection necklace is not just a pretty accessory - it actually helps to protect your body neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. It's specially infused with neutralizing properties so not only will this help keep tuned for any potential health problems caused by EMF but also provide extra support when needed most: like during stressful times

To clean your necklace, wash it under cold running water with a gentle soap. If you have residue on the clasp or tags of jewelry use an old toothbrush to gently scrub them off before washing again in between each section where there's buildup so that everything gets thoroughly cleaned!

Wearing the necklace while bathing or swimming is not recommended due to chemicals in body wash products. If you use natural products, then it’s fine for bathing and showering but its metallic shine may lose over time if done daily.
If you're looking at restoring its shine, a jewelry cleaner will do wonders!

When wearing the necklace, most people do not notice any immediate difference on their first use. Over time, some people will feel a definite improvement. On rare occasions, some people will feel "off". This is due to a detoxification process and will soon go away after a couple of days.  If this happens, simply remove the necklace and gradually wear it until you don't feel "off" when wearing it.  

The EMF 5G Protection necklace is not meant to take the place of other devices, as each has a specific function. The pendant's primary focus lies in supporting your body and managing stress from electromagnetic radiation exposure while also providing harmonization for other products.

You sure can! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just let us know what you think and we'll make it right for you. In most cases, I would say that customers have been very satisfied because these products usually live up to expectations however in rare instances that it doesn't - simply call or email our customer support team.

Existing reviews
Everyone should have one of these!
Within about 15 minutes of putting this on I had better focus. My mind felt clearer. Within 3 days I noticed that my joints felt better, less stiff. Within a week I noticed that I felt more relaxed, similar to supplementing with magnesium. This was all before any changes in supplements or diet. And they give a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you don't notice any difference you can return it and get your money back. Everyone should have one of these!
Highly recommend buying it.
I live around tons of EMF's. I've always been strangely receptive and sensitive to things like this. If I sleep around an open laptop connected to wifi, my brain is fuzzy. If I put my laptop on my lap, my thighs tingle. I can't speak to those of you who aren't sensitive just in general to these types of things. The moment I just put this necklace on, I could feel my body gain a certain level of relaxation and clarity. I sort of am getting this feeling that I usually would take a magnesium. Some of the general fuzziness I experience day to day doesn't seem to be there as much. Highly recommend buying it.