Qi Coil™ High Power Kit 2 (Add 6x Power)



Newly Designed for all Qi Coil systems

Connect up to four (4) Qi Coils simultaneously 

  • Compact, powerful design
  • premium gold alloy construction
  • new wireless bluetooth connectivity (also works with wired)

Simultaneous AUDIO and COIL

Hear frequency sound and use Qi coils at the same time (independent headphone volume)

Adding the Qi Coil™ Power Kit will give you 5X More Power than a regular Qi Coil™ system with mobile power kit.

Caution: Maximum recommended setting is 50% volume.
(Do not turn the volume know pass 12 o clock position)


  • 1 x Power Amplifier $699 Value
  • 1 Set Connection Cables and Adapters $69 Value
  • BONUS 1 x Yin Yang Qi Coil™ Combiner $24.95 Value

*Works with all Apple, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android Phones and Tablets and other Mobile Devices that uses 3.5 mm Audio Jack.

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