Qi Coil™ Scalar Stands Package (Create Scalar Energy)


Qi Coils Generate Vortex Energy with Yin Yang Polarities

*Compatible with Qi Coil 2,3 and Max systems.

When a particle accelerates rapidly, it leaves behind in its wake ripples from its rotating energy pattern. When it moves at a constant speed, the incoming and outgoing ripples are in balance, but when accelerating, the particle is no longer where the returning waves "thought" it would be. As a result, ripples are left behind resembling tiny vortexes of flow in the vacuum.

When a spinning particle accelerates or changes in spin direction, its radiation field of outgoing and incoming energy is also changed. This can be thought of as creating tiny whirlpools of vacuum energy that is no longer compensated. This gives rise to additional "twisting" or torsion in the space itself.

The Effects of Yin and Yang

Left or Counter Clockwise Spin Right or Clockwise Spin
Calming Activating
Pain Management, Reduce Stress Strengthen System, Hair Color Returns
Slows or Stops, Malignant Growth Assists Stomach, Digestion
Reduces Arthritis or Inflammation Beneficial to Plant Growth
Flat Tasting, Restructured Water Crisp Taasting, Restructured Water
Enhances intuition when placed over third eye Makes Mind More Active


Phase Conjugation - Create an Environment of Infinite Potential 

Phase conjugation is originally and classically understood in the optics literature. You take pairs of laser beams precisely approaching in opposite directions. If they meet (and conjugate') perfectly - then at the center - they Phase Conjugate. So how do lasers meet to conjugate? When they meet in precise opposing pairs - this is often called four-way mixing. 

Getting opposing exactly phase-locked laser beams to align this way, is very tricky, and very expensive because you need alignment accuracy down to angstrom levels. We have often suggested that the best way to visualize how wavefronts meet to phase conjugate is to visualize pine cones learning to kiss noses.


  • Folded Length: 10.6 inches
  • Maximum height: 110.24 inches
  • Weight per stand: 2.04 kilos



  • Each stand includes:
  • 1 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Professional Qi Coil Stand
  • 1 Alloy Adaptor Mount
  • 20 Ft. Qi Coilâ„¢ Premium Cable
  • 10 Velcro Straps for coil and cable organization