Quantum Card™ - EMF 5G Protection & Harmonization (2 Pack)


Get EMF Protection with the Quantum Card™

We are bombarded by unseen electromagnetic frequencies daily. Our smartphones, routers, laptops, and all other electronic devices produce huge amounts of EMF. The Quantum Card™ reduces the negative effects of EMFs without affecting the performance of your devices or equipment. 

It also helps in Water Restructuring and Enhancement. 

What devices emit electromagnetic radiation pollution (EMR)?

  1. Smartphones, tablets and computers
  2. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitters
  3. Household appliances such as microwaves
  4. Cell Towers

Resonance Matrix™ EMF Protection Technology

  • Designed with Resonance MatrixTechnology™
  • 24 Karat Gold Surfaces on Front and Back
  • Sacred Geometric Designs
  • Inset Control Centers
  • Stainless-Steel
  • 740 Resonance Matrix Circuits
  • PRO version:  1236 Resonance Matrix Circuits

Enhance and Restructure Your Water with the Quantum Card™

The science of cymatics has proven that water responds to and interacts with sound and frequency. 99% of the molecules in your body are H2O,  and 70% of the mass of your body is water. Because of this, your body is highly susceptible to the frequencies around you.

 Your brain function, digestion, joint lubrication, and cellular communication all rely on water. Water is the most important substance in your body. Optimize it with your very own Quantum Card™.



  • 2 x Qi Energy Cards $158 Value

2 Ways Quantum Cards™ Work...


EMF protection 

-Just bring it with you
-Place it in your wallet, phone case, pocket, bag

When placed near EMF producing devices, the natural elements in the card distort and minimize harmful EMF’s, causing lower amounts of these harmful frequencies to come into contact with the human body. 


-Energize and program your water
-Add crystal pyramids to amplify crystal energy

Our Resonance Matrix Technology™ and the additional frequencies can be used to restructure your food, water, and for additional protection when combatting harmful EMF’s.

Does It REALLY Work for EMF Protection?

Watch the Video to see the demonstration

When measuring the electromagnetic energy field emitted by technological devices, it has been shown in tests that the active elements in the card can block up to 80% of EMFs if positioned correctly between the emf source and the emf meter.

Existing reviews
I'm happy with my purchase!
Significantly reduced the number on my meter, so it does what it says it does. I put 3 on the back of my iPhone. It won't block 100%, but any reduction is better than nothing. I'm happy with my purchase!
The product seems legit.
We used this for our cell phones and my sons laptop and tablet. The product seems legit.
can be used for a long time
Qi Energy Card I received is very firm can also be used for a long time all aspects. I will also buy for the whole family.
I feel safer now
I checked with a meter and these do cut down on the bad stuff we are getting from our cell phones. I feel safer.
This actually does work
This actually does work , I have a radiation device and i put it to the test. Radiation level dropped after the Qi Energy Card was placed. Happy with my purchase.
The best!
I have been worried about radiation from my phone for a while now and was happy to find Qi Energy Card. There are enough in the package for my whole family and were easy to use!