How would you like to spread sunshine?

You can get a tax write off by donating your SolarSeeds to our non-profit (confirm with your accountant)
You can get your money back when the loan is paid off, or we replant your SolarSeed (your choice)
You can share in all of our profits by joining our CoOp for $299 during sign-up or a $69 deposit.


How many SolarSeeds would you like to plant?

Cost of SolarSeeds Number of SolarSeeds Select a Garden
$30 10 Family Garden
$60 20
$90 30
$300 100 Community Garden
$600 200
$900 300
$3000 1000 Global Garden
$6000 2000
$9000 3000
My Unique Garden
    If you order less than 10 SolarSeeds, please
check 11% or higher below (our transaction
costs are higher on smaller orders).

Help us cover our Operating Cost?

Donors may use this as a tax write off (confirm with your accountant). Sowers and Growers simply get the joy of spreading sunshine.

We lose 3% on credit card fees
We cover basic fees
We cover basic expenses
We can pay a fair wage
We can scale faster