About us

Can Circular Wealth save our economy and our souls?

SunCrew was cofounded by Robert Styler and David Wong but it is owned by "We the People" (our Pros).

After building several large sales models that created over $1 billion in contracts, Robert was frustrated with “business as usual.” He bought an off-grid, solar-powered cabin where he lived for seven years and then a 23-acre organic farm in Oregon. During those experiences, Robert observed daily how Nature flows, each system supporting the others, and no system hoarding resources for fear they will not return. His goal became to co-create an economic model that uses Nature’s proven, regenerative model to share solutions and create abundance.

David came from a different angle and with a different vision. After almost dying from severe intestinal issues, David became disillusioned with “medicine as usual.” With his life on the line, he dove into research on vibrational medicine and the power of frequency. The research of Dr. Royal Rife became a focus and after healing himself, David became obsessed with creating a technology that could bring vibrational frequencies to the world. He succeeded with QiCoils. His customers were his best salespeople, but an affiliate program felt limiting and MLM came with baggage and issues. When he learned about Circular Wealth, he found the solution.

In August 2020, Robert had a stroke. It took him years to recover, but when he met David and started to use the QiCoil frequencies his improvement was rapid. Robert and David realized their visions were aligned and decided to partner. Quickly, several game-changing technologies began to join the platform.

The focus is abundant overflow, never sacrifice. SunCrew Pros participate in commissions, profit sharing, and liquidity events. Company owner(s) set their “Abundance Number” and SunCrew is only rewarded for the value we add. Take what you need, then share from abundance.

For example, David and Robert have both selected $1 million dollars for their SunCrew Abundance Numbers – that is not the cap, it is the floor. If SunCrew were ever to sell, the first $2M would go 100% to David and Robert. The next $4M goes 90% to David & Robert and 10% to the Pros. The next $6M is 60% to David & Robert. The higher the value, the more the owners earn, even as their percentage decreases with each tier.

For example, if SunCrew is worth $50M, David & Robert would earn $14.2M combined (28%) and the Pros would earn $35.8M (72%). If the value is $300M, David & Robert would earn $39.2M combined (13%) and the Pros would earn $260.8M (87%). Owners need to be rewarded, we create value together, and every stakeholder benefits based on their contributions.

As we grow, SunCrew will be able to take any game-changing technology and get it on the global market directly, while decentralizing the wealth that is co-created. Imagine you invent something that can improve our world. You can sell to a multinational, try to raise money and commercialize the product yourself, or plug into our platform and reward your customers as the stakeholders they are. You retain control, you decide how much you want to make, and you can still pursue other channels. SunCrew is only rewarded for the growth we create.

No risk. Big rewards…together.