Qi Coil™ Mini Legacy Single: Mobile Rife & PEMF Therapy




Choose Your Mood. Energize Your Body.

In 2003, NASA discovered a new type of energy...

In their study, they increased cell regeneration by 40% by harnessing this energy using low-frequency electromagnetic waves.

Over the next 20 years, scientists around the world found countless other benefits of this energy... some of these are:

  • Better Sleep Naturally
  • Enhance Focus & Clarity
  • Deepen Meditation & Spirituality
  • Accelerate Recovery & Regeneration
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Remove Stress Easily

Today, we have incorporated NASA's research into our Qi Coil Systems.

Are looking for a personal transformation and want to improve your wellness…?

Or are you a high performance individual who wants to take yourself to the next level?

With Qi Coils and our quantum frequencies, you could be just one frequency away from breaking through your limits effortlessly...


Better Mood Instantly

  • Remove Stress
  • Calm and Clear Your Mind
  • Sleep Like a Baby

Transform Yourself 1% a Day... Effortlessly

  • Activate and Recover
  • Soothe and Manage Pain 
  • Energize Your Body


Meditation Made Easy

  • Remove Negative Energy Blockages
  • Raise Your Vibration and Attract
  • Experience Spiritual Awakening

Peak Performance

  • Boost Focus
  • Enhance Strength
  • Boost Energy Levels


  • Promote Circulation
  • Better Relationships

Simple - Safe - Powerful

  • Just connect to your phone and turn them on
  • Non-invasive and Contactless
  • 900+ Mind-Stimulating Quantum Frequencies

Compatible with all Frequencies and Devices

  • IOS and Android
  • Windows and MAC

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

1. Sign Up on Web App

2. Connect to Qi Coil™

3. Choose Your Frequency

What's in The Box?

Qi Coil™ System Includes:

  • 2x Qi Coil™ Mini Yin Coil $897 Value
  • Qi Coil™ Bluetooth Wireless Power Kit $299 Value
  • White Vinyl Case $49 Value
  • 1x Gold Therapeutic Magnet
  • 1x Ball Magnet
  • 1x Cylinder Magnet
  • 1x Wireless Mobile Power Kit (WPK)
  • 1x Charging Cable for WPK
  • 1x Splitter
  • 2x Auxillary Cable
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x Post Card
  • Starter Frequencies $97 Value
    • Life Force: The Source of Qi
    • Sleep: Deep Delta Theta
    • Qi Energy Activation

  • BONUS PACKAGE Included $1,079 Value
    • Qi Coil Quick Start PDF Guide (7 Pages)
    • ​7 Days a Week Technical Support
    • ​1 Year Limited Warranty (Upgrade to 3 Year Accident Protection)
    • ​Qi Coil Tutorials (20 Videos) $144 Value
    • ​​Qi Life Mastery Course (7 Videos) $297 Value
    • ​​​Wing Chun Martial Arts Lessons (163 Videos) $297 Value
    • ​​Virtual WingChun Online Course (23 Videos) $197 Value
    • ​Qi Gong Meditation Lessons (14 Videos) $97 Value
    • ​Secrets of Qi Gong Online Course (16 Videos) $47 Value

  • IMMUNE SUPPORT UPGRADE Included $535 Value
    • Complete Immune Support Frequencies Bundle ($238 Value)
    • Qi Energy Meditation Course for Immune, Sleep and Self Healing ($297 Value)

Did You Know?


Qi Coils Are Contactless and Non-Invasive

Does not need to attach to your head or wrists, so you can relax, sleep or exercise without worrying about it changing position or falling off.


Qi Coils Have AOE Coverage Up to 20 FT2 (Qi Coil Max) 

Place it on a nightstand near your bed for sleep, on your desk for work or study, near or you or in your pocket for exercise.

Full Body Effect

Qi Coils Can Energize Your Whole Body At Once

Energizes or relaxed all in the cells in your body at once, not just your head or wrists, just be within it's Area of Effect.


Qi Coils Are Mobile and Discreet

Can use anytime and anywhere without people knowing, you don't have to wear anything on your head or body that looks weird.

100's of Neuro-Programs

Qi Coils Can Use 900+ Quantum and 10,000+ Rife Frequencies

Others have none, just a handful of frequencies.

For Active Lifestyles

Qi Coils Can Be Used With Any Active Lifestyle 

Use it outdoors, at your workplace, or while walking, running, cycling or active exercise.


Qi Coils Are Great For Pets and Animals!

Works with human, animals, and more!

For Plants

Qi Coils Can Be Used for Plants

Enhance growth and yield from plants.

For Plants

Qi Coils  Can Be Used To Supercharge Your Water or Food

Charge up your drinking water and supplements with magnetic energy and bring out the most from your meals.

Order Now and Get All These Bonuses - Absolutely Free!

Wireless Powerkit ($299 Value)
Adding the Qi Coil™ Mobile Power Kit will give you 2x More Power than a regular Qi Coil™ system set up.
9 Starter Frequencies ($97 Value)
These Frequencies are the most basic frequencies that are normally used on a day to day basis. Together with its profound and unique benefits, these frequencies can help enhance one’s self whether physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally.
White Vinyl Case ($49 Value)
The product is a sleek and stylish designed carrying case lets you easily transport and protect your Qi Coil. This beautifully crafted carrying case extends protection while storing and transporting your Qi Coil Devices.
Qi Coil Quick Start Guide & Video Tutorials  ($99 Value)
Get started with our comprehensive guide for you to use the product without any delay. We've included relevant steps needed for installation and video tutorials for your convenience.
Qi Gong Meditation Lessons (14 Videos)  ($149 Value)
Black Hard Plastic Belt Clip, Weight is distributed evenly, steady and anti-shocking 
Qi Life Mastery Lessons  ($297 Value)
David Wong, Peak Performance Innovator and Marketing Consultant. Transform your life and manifest abundance today!
Wing Chun Martial Arts Courses (186 Videos)  ($399 Value)
Gain strength, speed, power and stamina! Sharpen your focus! Follow Sifu David's Wing Chun workout routines daily and you will never feel the same again!
Qi Life Mastery eBook  ($49 Value)
The Ultimate Guide for Personal Development, Self Actualization, and Unlocking Your Full Potential
7 Days Tech Support
Technical support is always available 7 days a week
1 Year Warranty
All systems come with 1 year limited warranty (can be upgraded to a maximum of 3 years)


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This Could Be The ONE THING You Need To Transform Yourself And Start Living The Life You Want

  • Raise Your Energy
  • Sleep Like a Baby
  • Remove Negative Emotions
  • Remove Any Blockages that are keeping you from the life you deserve
  • Start Living the Life you have always wanted


The Qi Coils are intended to help manage underlying stress that accompanies many conditions and to promote a healthy lifestyle. The system is not intended to treat or cure any medical conditions and is not a substitute for professional medical care. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Individual results vary.

Existing reviews
Thank you very much for these frequencies.
Thank you very much for these frequencies. It could help those in need. Amen.
This is going to be the sure way to help of the virus
This is going to be the sure way to help of the virus
Thank you for sharing this technology really works for me
Thank you for sharing this technology really works for me
I felt good
frequencies for severe acute respiratory syndrome, RNA virus infection and coronaviridae. I listen to them and I felt good
I love it!
I’ve been studying the benefits of frequency for the better part of 5 years and haven’t had any adverse reactions, only healing that western medicine couldn't offer. I love my Rife frequency generator!
Glad I got mine years ago and I agree to many this works to our health
Glad I got mine years ago and I agree to many this works to our health
I have been advocating for the proper testing of the RIFE radio frequency methodology for years. It proved to me that a properly motivated and divinely inspired non-medical professional can actually do something to help and we do not have to rely only on the mainstream medical and pharmaceutical industries...
This meditation technology it helps, thank you
This meditation technology it helps, thank you
Forever grateful.
I am 51 years old and hadn’t averaged more than 4 hours of sleep a night since my daughter was born. I was stressed out about it because I know poor sleep habits are correlated with ill health. At times I was scared to drive because I was so tired, I wasn’t confident I’d react quickly enough. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get to sleep, I couldn’t stay asleep. I’d wake up multiple times between 1 and 4 in the morning, toss and turn for an hour, get bored and pick up my phone. I tried melatonin and it didn’t work and just gave me panic attacks. I tried anti-histamines and it didn’t work as well. I saw my doctor, who prescribed me sleeping pills and it didn’t work again and then a very low dose antidepressant that can help with insomnia, but that didn’t really make a difference either. I’d been on those meds for about 2 years when I saw this device on the internet and bought it. After a week of exposing myself on this device, I decided not to take any more sleep meds and I’ve been off them ever since. At this point, I average 7 hours of sleep. That’s what I was getting when I was in my twenties. I don’t have to drag myself through the day. I used to feel as if I was permanently jet-lagged, but the fog in my brain has lifted. It’s been a life changer. Forever grateful.
I absolutely love this device.
I absolutely love this device. It lifts your energy and brings you back to your A game. It gives you wisdom and techniques that are comprehensive, powerful and increase self-love. It's the magic that we all need and this device sends me in that space.
I would highly recommend this device.
This device doesn’t just help you attract money, it helps you attract other things like helpful people, careers, relationships, etc. I bought it to attract money and about three months using this device, I received enough money to pay off my car and credit cards and still have some left over. If you aren't closed minded and are willing to do investment, then I would highly recommend this device.
This device is so amazing!
I’ve had countless successes using qi coil with recent onset conditions. The latest was with an all too familiar bloody eye from bleeding capillaries. If any of you have ever had these, you’ll know that once the blood is in the eye, it takes more than a week to look close to normal again. I used my qi coil device and play the frequencies in hopes of stopping the bleeding, the blood seemed to be clearing within 2 days. I woke the next morning and noticed that all the blood was gone. Having experienced these same capillaries bleeding countless times, I am very familiar with the recovery time. This device is so amazing! Instead of weeks of recovery, it will only take days. Thanks to you guys!
Thank you for creating this kind of treatment device.
Thank you for creating this kind of treatment device. My wife is already showing signs of improvement using the qi coil and playing the right frequencies. She is dealing with acnes. Thank you so much.
So amazing!
I had an abscess that was drained by doctors once but did not show signs of healing so I had to go back a second time to put packing in it. At first it appeared to be getting better, then the same issue again. Then I bought my qi coil device. I started running all sorts of frequencies and just realized this week that it’s gone! So amazing!
Thanks to my qi coil kit
At age 70, I know a lot of people with health problems. Thanks to my qi coil kit, I am in the process of healing my glaucoma nerve damage and have eliminated my arthritis symptoms. If these ornery people will give this a try, trust me, you won’t regret it.
I no longer take prescription medications
Since getting my qi coil I have used it for simple relief of arthritis, headaches, food sensitivities, EMF and other issues. All with great results and I no longer take prescription medications for those issues. I also used it with my parents and their dementia as they are in their 90’s and had marked improvements in cognitive functions.
almost fully recovered
I purchased my qi coil after a TCM Health Practitioner treated me after I was hit by a truck while riding my bicycle. I had a 6mm break in the clavicle and a broken jaw, with facial lacerations. Due to a suspected broken neck I received CAT Scan, MRI and 6 different X-Ray in emergency, all showing the breaks. I bought qi coil to help me with my injuries recover faster and clear the possibilities of scars. And after 20 days, I am almost fully recovered and my wounds left only red marks, the X-ray and MRI revealed the break was near mended and pain free enough to be back on the bicycle.
wonderful device
Since last year 2020, I’ve been using qi coil devices with me and my family. My 8 years old son has achieved huge improvements regarding asthma and allergies. He reduced medication drastically. With this device, we are noticing amazing changes in his physical resistance! Thank you for this wonderful device.
Best thing
Just received the coil shortly. From what i have used it so far i like it:-) Need to test or try it more often to see if it meets my approval.
My device was a little bit broken and i have contacted the support team.
Will see if customer satisfaction is just a word or a lived philosophy in this company.